WebCommand Presence

Cost effective entry level dynamic CMS with access to unlimited page and category creation.

Use this product for entry level brochural sites that want to build on functionality in the near future, or, use this product to construct a tailored solution from scratch.

Please note that it may be cost effective to select another WebCommand solution that has features you would use out of the box because a bundled software may be cheaper.

The core modules and processes and items that make up the foundation of the WebCommand Content Management System

People management options

Description for commerce options

Description for content options.

Description for the widgets option.

Description for the reporting options.

If 'YES' is selected, pricing to be confirmed. Exact Labour for design will be calculated from the brief or discussions.

CMS Command developers can provide content management, addition, and manipulation. Usually dependant on the brief and content information provided in soft copy.

Prices are in NZD and are GST exclusive.